Our Operation

Solar Solutions has a head office in Port Moresby and a branch in Lae province. Port Moresby is home to the largest airport in the country and Lae has the largest seaport. Having operations in these 2 large cities enables us to serve customers around the country and gives us access to major commercial clients, national government members, retail distributors, international donor organizations, and local NGOs & CBOs. Further branches are planned based on operation and upcoming project requirements.

Our Market Segment

The market of current and potential customers for Solar Solutions can be divided into 5 categories:


Our Showroom Customers and those we access via our social media platforms and direct inquiries. These customers are important as they pay our basic costs and allow us to maintain a retail presence.



Community Projects (Donor/Aid)

This is the cornerstone of our business and presents the greatest economic and social impact opportunity, through the provision of sustainable technologies to the many in PNG who currently lack access to electricity. Our commitment to this sector is demonstrated in having a Sustainable Development Team that maintains new and ongoing collaborations with national and international partnerships.

Distributors & Resellers

As a Port Moresby-based business, our distributor partners have been a key part of our ability to service customers in other parts of the country. In May 2019 we opened a Distribution Center in Lae, then in August of 2020, we opened an official Lae Branch Showroom, enabling us to grow our distributor base significantly.




These customers are the main focus of our sales team. Our commercial customers are a vital part of our business and present the vast majority of our street light sales. Customers such as PNG Ports, Puma Energy, and BSP have been vital to the success of the business, especially in challenging economic times.



There are potentially significant opportunities to work with any government partner that fully understands our need to operate ethically and profitably


Our Point of Difference

  • We focus on simple, cost-effective, and high-quality technologies. All of our products must meet high global standards ie. IEC, ISO, Lighting Global approved with warranty.
  • With our company owners having a combined 120 years of senior management experience across PNG, Solar Solutions has an understanding of the unique challenges faced in PNG, in logistics, business management, and within rural and urban low-income communities.
  • We nurture partnerships with Like-minded organizations that share our interest in meaningful community engagement, and distribution tailored to communities.
  • We provide support through before-sales activities (site scoping, load profiling, etc) product training and after-sales services to ensure products are cared for properly and are fully utilized under their lifecycle, therefore helping to improve quality of Life.