Our Mission & Vision

We are driven by a vision of PNG where everyone has access to
technologies that enable them to live productive, dignified and healthy lives.

Who We Are


We Are Pioneering Solar
Solutions within Papua New Guinea


Solar Solutions PNG is a leading organization dedicated to transforming the lives of people in Papua New Guinea through the power of solar technology. Our mission is to create a prosperous nation where every individual has access to the essential technologies needed to lead healthy lives filled with dignity and opportunity. With a strong commitment to sustainable development, we aim to harness the abundant solar energy in the region to provide clean and affordable electricity to communities, especially in remote and underserved areas.

Our Key Objectives


Building valuable partnerships to increase access to life-changing technologies


  1. To increase access to improved energy, water and irrigation, and education technologies, targeted at improving quality of life.
  2. To work alongside and in partnership with local nongovernment organizations, non-profits, and larger corporate entities, to run and contribute to programs increasing access to sustainable  technologies.
  3. To profitably expand the business to continue providing quality products, create more jobs, and upskill both our staff and the staff of our distributors.

Some Facts


Our Footprint in
Papua New Guinea

Through our innovative solar solutions, we are bridging the energy gap and empowering individuals, households, and businesses with solar energy, reaching all regions of Papua New Guinea.

Provinces Reached

Projects Made

Our Brands

We partner with industry-leading product brands known for their quality and innovation to provide our customers with the best-in-class components and systems for their renewable energy needs.

What They Say

Our partnership with PNG Solar Solutions has enabled KTF to illuminate every household, school and health facility along and around the Kokoda Track. The technology provided is always suitable for the rural context in which we work….

Dr Genevieve Nelson

Chief Executive Officer, Kokoda Track Foundation

Rural Electrification in Papua New Guinea

We partner with NGOs and companies, for community and corporate
social responsibility projects.